Chrispy’s MY11 STI Tarmac car build
In early December of 2011 Subaru sent over 1 of their 2 remaining MY11 STI’s to Maximum Motorsport.  It was from the group of 10 imported for Motorsport only.  They are a Japanese specification 2.0Litre STI sedan.  No it is not a Spec ‘C’.

The only obvious visible thing that distinguishes them from the Australian road going version is that there is no Cruise control or Radio/CD player installed in the dash. So the car is fairly minimally appointed.

Why did Subaru send one over you might ask. My understanding is that there was another customer of Maximum Motorsport who had indicated that he was interested in building a Subaru for Tarmac use and given the very close relationship that Dean Herridge has with Subaru Australia, they were happy to send one over based on that interest.

When I saw it there the day it arrived I thought to myself what a nice bit of kit.  It was absolutely filthy having been parked in the yard at Subaru Australia for months and I took it upon myself to wash it.  Maybe that was the start of the love affair.  I had subliminally taken ownership of it.  After a wash to remove all of the pre-delivery wax and protective coatings the paint gets, the Satin White Pearl looked superb.

The interest had been sparked and just prior to Christmas I made the decision to go ahead and embark on the project.  2012 looks like being an exciting year.  The other customer still has not made up his mind at this stage.

To keep up to date on the build progress, go check out the PHOTOS.  The BLOG page has not been set up so don’t bother looking at that yet.

Cover page photos courtesy of Kingsley Klau from PhotoCOFFEE in Rockingham
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